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May 21, 2004

For Immediate Release

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PTI Announces Winners of 2003 Local Government Technology Competition

 Washington, D.C. – Public Technology, Inc. announced today that Modesto, CA has been awarded the 2003 Transportation Solutions Award in the Mid-Size Jurisdiction Group. PTI’S Solutions Awards are presented as a part of a national program recognizing achievement in technology implementation at the local government level. The awards are judged by a panel of nationally recognized thought leaders on local government technology innovations.  The competition, held annually, is open to all jurisdictions, with entries focusing on a wide range of technology implementations.

 Winning entries demonstrated the ability to increase revenue, save tax dollars, or improve management and customer service.  Entries are grouped based on jurisdiction size, and awards are presented to jurisdictions in five categories: Energy, Environment, Public Safety, IT & Telecommunication and Transportation. Entries in this year’s competition proved to be some of the most innovative in recent years.  While all jurisdictions that entered demonstrated a commitment to technology, the winning jurisdictions also conveyed a dedication to the values of PTI.

 Modesto was presented the award for its Traffic Signal Retiming & Coordination project, designed to alleviate traffic congestion in the area. The city’s winning entry follows:

 Before the project implementation, the City of Modesto motorists were facing unbearable excessive delays, number of stops and long travel time due to the lack of synchronization among the city’s 87 traffic signals as well as the state of California’s 34 signals along 20 major corridors in heart of the greatest agricultural areas of the nation.

The latest state-of-the-art, technology & practice were utilized.  A Project Development Team (PDT) was formed to provide input into the retiming and synchronization of the traffic signals. 

The team met regularly with Minagar & Associates* and directed the project to achieve the maximum coordination through major corridors in Modesto.  After deployment of the new signal timing, team members drove the corridors and gave suggestions for fine-tuning.  As a result, the team was able to achieve excellent coordination and minimize delay for through traffic on these corridors. 

  • Reduced Energy cost by $9.4 million/year or $25,753/day

  • Reduced total stops from 405 to 219, reduction of 186 stops

  • Reduced total delay from 191 min to 98 min, reduction of 93 min

  • Reduced total travel time from 787 min to 656 min, reduction of 131 min

 “Once again, PTI’s Solutions Awards have recognized the most innovative local governments and their leaders,” said PTI Interim Executive Director Thom McCloud. “Each year, the entrants in this competition prove their willingness to improve local government operations for their constituents, and this year was no different.  Judging proved to be a difficult task, as each entry was highly qualified for an award.  Modesto’s entry exemplified the PTI vision, and we are pleased to present this award to the city.”

 Awards were presented at the 2004 Congress of Public Technologists, held April 28-30 in San Antonio, TX. The Congress brings together appointed and elected local government officials as well as key department leaders and staff for unparalleled networking and learning opportunities.  This year’s Congress saw over 250 local government leaders descend on San Antonio to gain insight on ways to improve the operations and service delivery of their jurisdiction.  A complete list of winners and highlights from the Congress are available at www.pti.org.

About PTI

Public Technology, Inc. [now Public Technology Institute] is a national non-profit technology research and development membership organization based in Washington, D.C.  Many of the most innovative and technology savvy cities and counties across the nation are members of PTI.  PTI’s mission is to help bring the benefits of technology to local and state governments.  Through research, task forces, focus groups, pilot projects and other initiatives, PTI works with industry partners to keep pace with advances in technology and forge innovative solutions to the challenges faced by local government.

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