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Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)




Representative Projects:
● Ave. R Traffic Signal Interconnect & CCTV Design (Palmdale, CA)
● Caltrans Santa Monica Frwy I-10 ITS/CCTV
(Los Angeles County, CA)
● City of Anaheim On-Call CCTV Design Services
(Anaheim, CA)
● City of Calabasas Upgrade of Regional Traffic Operations Center, Interconnect, CCTV & Signal Timing
(Calabasas, CA)
● City of Ceres CCTV Systems Expansion
(Ceres, CA)
● City of Modesto CCTV Systems
(Modesto, CA)
● City of Modesto CCTV Systems Expansion
(Modesto, CA)
● City of Santa Clarita's Thoroughfare Signal Interconnect
(Santa Clarita, CA)
● City of Temecula's Evaluation of ITS Deployment Project
(Temecula, CA)
● Los Angeles County MTA's Santa Monica Frwy "SMART" Corridor Evaluation
(Los Angeles County, CA)
● Los Angeles County MTA's Systems Communication Training Workshops
(Southern California)
● Los Angeles County MTA's Video Detection & Surveillance Training Workshops
(Southern California)
● State of Virginia's I-95 HOV/TSM/VMS/CCTV Planning & Design
(Northern Virginia & Washington D.C.)


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