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Project Location Number of Intersections  ITS Planning  ITS Design   ITS Implement-ation  PS&E  Traffic Signal System  System Evaluation  Construction Management/ Inspection/ Installation   Teaching & Training
 Initial Implement-ation  Expanded System
FHWA Freeway Surveillance & Control Workshops for the U.S. DOT Nationwide        
FHWA/NAHSC AHS Operations & Maintenance for State DOTs Nationwide                  
FHWA/NAHSC AHS Outreach & Focus Group for State DOTs Nationwide                  
Government of Peoples Republic of China, Training High Ranking Delegations China            
Los Angeles County MTA's Santa Monica Frwy ITS Systems Evaluation Los Angeles County, CA 420                
Los Angeles County MTA's Systems Communications Training Workshops Southern California          
Los Angeles County MTA's Video Detection & Video Surveillance Training Workshops Southern California    

Caltrans Santa Monica Frwy I-10 ITS/CCTV* Los Angeles, CA 10            
City of Modesto CCTV Systems Expansion Modesto, CA   13      
City of Ceres CCTV Systems Expansion Ceres, CA   3      
Temecula's ITS Deployment: TOC, CCTV & Fiber Optic PS&E Design Temecula, CA 9      
ITS & Traffic Signal On-Call Design Services Palmdale, CA 29          
U.S. Coast Guard's Governor's Island Ferry Stacking TSM Project* Manhattan,
New York City, NY
Dulles International Airport Access Road Ramp Metering Feasibility to EB I-66* Northern Virginia, VA                
City of Anaheim On-Call CCTV Design Services Anaheim, CA              
Southern California ITS Showcase Program Evaluation for Caltrans HQ Southern California                  
City of Modesto CCTV Systems Modesto, CA 10          
City of Ceres ATMS Project Ceres, CA 4          
Los Angeles County MTA Bus Signal Priority, QuicNet & CtNet Systems Training Workshops Southern California          
Upgrade of the Calabasas Regional Traffic Operations Center Calabasas, CA 20      

Santa Clarita Intelligent Transportation Management System

Santa Clarita, CA 22    

Santa Clarita Thoroughfare Signal Interconnect for 30 miles

Santa Clarita, CA 93              
Caltrans Los Angeles & Ventura Counties ITS EDP Los Angeles
& Ventura, CA
State of Virginia's I-95 HOV/TSM/VMS/CCTV Planning & Design*  Northern VA &
Washington, D.C.
TMP Preparation Including Reg. XV Implementation-U.S. Army Depot Sacramento, CA                  
Sacramento's Arden/Arcade Local Area Transportation Study TSM Sacramento, CA                  
Caltrans TSM Grant Application Preparation Oceanside, CA                  
Caltrans' Interstates 5 & 405 Confluence "El Toro Y" TSM & CEM Orange County, CA                

Santa Clarita's Automated Red Light Enforcement Proposal Evaluations

Santa Clarita, CA                  

Evaluation of the Red Light Camera System Deployment

Temecula, CA                  
Los Angeles County MTA Traffic Signal Timing Training Workshops Los Angeles County, CA            
Modesto's Traffic Signal Retiming & Coordination Project Stanislaus County, CA 105 16          
City of Modesto Traffic Signal Systems Network Modesto, CA 98          
City of Modesto & Caltrans Downtown Signal Systems Network Modesto, CA 72            
City of Palmdale/Caltrans & LA County Signal Systems Retiming Palmdale, CA 22              
City of Ceres & Caltrans Traffic Signal Systems Network Ceres, CA 17          

City of Baldwin Park Master Interconnect Design

Baldwin Park, CA   42          

City of Baldwin Park Master Traffic Signal Network

Baldwin Park, CA   18        
Los Angeles County MTA's Type 170 Controller Signal System Training Workshops Southern California              
Caltrans HQ/SCAG AHS/IVI Work Scope Development Statewide, CA                  
Avenue R Traffic Signal Interconnect & CCTV Design Palmdale, CA 8      

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