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Local Governments Deliver Winning Technology Solutions

 Washington, DC, May 20, 2004- Public Technology, Inc. (PTI), a national non-profit technology research and development organization for local governments announces the winning entries for its 2003 Solutions Awards program.

 The PTI Solutions Awards is a national program recognizing local governments that use technology to increase revenues, improve service to their community, save tax dollars, or improve management.  Entries were judged with jurisdictions of similar size in Energy, Environment, Public Safety, Telecommunications & Information Technology, and Transportation categories based on technology employed and services delivered.

 “The PTI Technology Solutions Awards program continues to bring together the finest solutions at the local government level,” said PTI Interim Executive Director Thom McCloud.  “As the application of technology has evolved as part of the solutions to many of the challenges confronting local government, the program has grown in popularity. The winners of the Solutions Awards are prime examples of the forward thinking jurisdictions that make up the PTI membership, and we are pleased to recognize their achievements.”  

PTI wishes to thank CH2M HILL for their support of the 2003 Solutions Awards Program.

The 2003 PTI Technology Solutions Awards winners are:


MID-SIZE (Population between 100,000 to 699,999)


Modesto, CA • Modesto Traffic Signal Retiming & Coordination Project *


Awards winners were honored at a ceremony on Friday, April 30, 2004 at the PTI Congress of Public Technologists in San Antonio, TX.  Winning entries are also featured in the 2003 Top 25 Technology Solutions publication that will be distributed to local government leaders nationally.

  Judges for the annual event were Enid Beaumont representing the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA), Lawson Brooks of Tribrook Strategic Solutions, Bert Jarreau of the National Association of Counties (NACo) and Allen Frischkorn of the National Association of Towns & Townships (NATaT).

 PTI is a non-profit technology research and development organization based in Washington, DC.  Its membership of city and county governments represents many of the largest and most technology innovative local government in the nation. PTI’s mission is to bring the benefits of technology to local governments.  Since being established in 1971, PTI has been closely affiliated with NLC, the National Association of Counties (NACo), and ICMA and has collaborated on a variety of projects and activities involving local government technology issues. 

 For more information about the PTI Solutions Awards program contact Doug Stroh, Product Marketing Manager at 202/626.2445 or dstroh@pti.org

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